Trusted Soil
A classic point-and-click adventure game with a modern twist

Trusted Soil is an modern adventure game set in the future that follows teenage boyscout Thomas Wild on his search for his disappeared father and the secrets that lie behind The Black Wall which surrounds his entire homeland of Hetian.

Trusted Soil is both a tribute to the classic adventure game genre and an attempt to innovate parts of said genre, such as the dialogue system and the way in which you interact with the world around you.

The story of Trusted Soil is lengthy and thus needs time to be told. For now you can play the beta of the demo, which introduces you to Thomas and the world of Hetian. Keep an eye on our devblog for updates about the progress of the next episodes!

Trusted Soil began as a (literal) dream I once had and I decided this story was very well suited as an adventure game. Together with two other HKU students I created this demo of Trusted Soil. For this project I designed/developed most of the interactions and wrote most of the narrative. Our intention is to turn this story into a full length adventure game.

More information about the game can be found at:
   - Download the demo HERE!  

Het Spoorwegmuseum
Flash Game

A project where we made a flash game for The Railwaymuseum in Utrecht. The cool thing about this game is that we used augmented reality in it. Augmented reality is where you hold a marker in front of a webcam to make cool stuff appear. The game can be found at:
   - Play the game HERE!  

Endurance Game
My greatest adventure game (made by me ^^) is released. It's a "Serious Game" that teaches you how to join a "horse riding endurance match" and all the things that are involved.

The game can be found at:
   - Play the game HERE!  

Flash Game (prototype)

A prototype we made for Sogeti, where breading the right bunnies could make you the leader of a bunny breading company.

In this prototype you will find the basic functionality of the game, but some elements are just for show and do not work yet. This is because it's a prototype and not a full game so it only shows what the final game could look like.
   - Play the game HERE!  

Design for Change
Flash Game (dutch)

A game we made for the Design for Change project, where we had to build a serious game to help create awareness for Global Warming.

Anne Bras
Dido de Jong
Hilde de Wit
Jelmer Mulder
Marnix Puijker
   - Play the game HERE!  

Hangman 3D
Flash Game (dutch)

Long time ago me and a good friend of mine created a comic character called Hangman 3D. The character was based on the character you always hang in a simple game of Hangman!

Later it grew to a very populair guy which could be found at! This flash-game is a normal game of Hangman, but then platform based and with our beloved hero Hangman 3D! ;)
   - Play the game HERE!