LucasArts Exhibition
(02-04-2013 to 30-06-2013)

Founded in 1982 by filmmaker George Lucas, LucasArts is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video game console systems, computers, mobile devices and the Internet.

During this exhibition at the Bonami-Spelcomputer-Museum you will find almost all the old LucasArts games that came out in original big box and many of them are playable.

Poster - LucasArts Exhibition
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Games for Health Europe (25-10-2011)
Future of Health Award pitch

'Hospital in the clouds' is a game I worked on during my study in 2009, together with my colleague Femke van Drooge. Because in 2009 we were still finishing our study, we never had the time to follow up on this project until now.

During the Future of Health Award pitch at Games for Health Europe we gained the opportunity to pitch our concept. Hopefully we get the change to develope it properly.

Website -
  More about 'Hospital in the clouds' can be found HERE!  

Stekkerkunst Expo (27-11-2010)
Interactive installation

Playful Eye is an interactive installation made by Anne Bras that creates awearness about privacy violations within modern technology.

Playful Eye was shown during the "Stekkerkunst" exhibition in Schagen on 27 and 28 november 2010.

Movie - Stekkerkunst exhibition - Playfull Eye
   - Watch the movie HERE!  

PC-Games Expo (17-06-2010)
150 PC games in original box

My interest for old PC games started when I was about 7 years old. My dad used to bring home games from his work. Games like Commander Keen or Prince of Persia for example. Later I bought a few games in original box from the market on Queensday.

My collection of PC games became larger and larger over time. And is now even big enough that I was able to origanise a little exhibition in Hilversum. This became a great succes.

Movie - PC Games Exhibition Hilversum
Website -
   - Watch the movie HERE!  

Rock Band - Review (18-03-2008)
First review in Holland (Dutch)

The first review of the game ROCK BAND in Holland. Made for NLGD.

- Sander van Leth
- Anne Bras
- Marjolein Pronk
- Bruce Buutveld
- Rian Franssen

Movie - Rock Band (review)
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Games in Concert 2 (08-12-2007)
Filming for NCRV during the repetitions of the Metropole Orchestra

During the first Games in Concert in 26-11-2006 I secretly filmed the stage from the public and placed it on YouTube.

Later I got an e-mail from the NCRV. They noticed that my YouTube movie was very populair and asked me if I would like to film again for them during the repetitions of the Metropole Orchestra. I was very honered and accepted their offer:

Movie - Games in Concert 2 - Repetitions
Radio - Interview op 3FM
   - Watch the movie HERE!  

Thomas Wild (2005-2006)
Best amature movie of North-Holland

Together with Marion Dassen from the Schager movieclub I made a movie called Thomas Wild. Thanks to all the members of the club we gained 1st place and obtained a certificate which allowed us to take our movie to the next round.

During this round we got the 2nd place which included a nomination for the NH'63 Film Gala, where a new jury will select the best amature movie of North-Holland.

Now it was very exciting because I really did not expect us to make it this far. People of all movieclubs in North-Holland were present. All films were divided into three categories. Movies, Documentaries and Other (eg. art or music clips).

3 trophies were awarded for each category. A first, second and third prize. There was also a main cup (Laureate) for best amateur movie of all of those categories. We won the Laureate cup. (w00t w00t)

Movie - Thomas Wild
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Joop Hof Award (15-11-2006)
For the best internship reports

During my internship at IEX, I had to make an internship report. And since I have a Multimedia Design background I decided to pay more attention to its design.

After handing in my report I was nominated for the "Joop Hof Award 2006" for Best Internship Reports of the year. Eventually I won a nice book token with it. ^^

Internship report IEX - The report I got nominated for
Review - This is what school wrote about my report
   - Watch the internship report HERE!  

Exhibition in Schagen (11-12-2003)
Work of artists from the "Kunstweb Schagen" group

Kunstweb Schagen consists of artists from Schagen who from time to time show their work. I was honored to be able to join this exhibition.

At the exhibition you could mostly see paintings and sculptures. My addition to the exhibition were mostly new-media products:
- Websites
- Short Movies
- Photos
- T-Shirts

Newspaper article

Vrijheid is niet te koop! (05-05-2003)
Freedom is not for sale - 3rd place at a design contest

A few weeks before May 5th (Liberation day) a design contest was held in all MBO graphical classes in the Netherlands.

The assignment was to design an A3 or A2 artwork that would represent the sentence "freedom is not for sale".

I had won the third prize at this contest (150,- and 2 VIP tickets for the Liberation-Pop-Festival in Haarlem). The award was presented by Jan Peter Balkenende on liberation day in Haarlem.